Hello, World!

My name is YunSeok, Hong, also known as hongfarm, winstar0070.
and I'm the CEO of Stella IT

About my job

I am basically a student. Also I am the CEO of Stella IT.

What vulnerabilities have I found?

First. 아동센터 웹취약점 제보
Second. N사 3개 웹취약점 제보
Three. S사 웹취약점 제보
Four. H사 웹취약점 제보
Five. C사 웹취약점 제보

My Projects

First. Server Control with FTP
Second. Web Control Project with Hyper-V, VMware, XenServer
Three. HongSeeBot Project with Telegram API
Four. Youtube Video Download Web Project

Contact me!

Email: winstar0070@naver.com